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Who was then only seen as potential, is now a huge success in the Philippines’ real estate industry— and he goes by the name Randy F. Lucero.

He began his career as a Real Estate Broker with Megaworld Corporation in May 2014. He was recruited by Platinum, the top producing sales group of the company earning three consecutive Invictus awards from 2014, 2015, to 2016.

Despite the group status, Lucero experienced hardships that seem at odds toward reaching his dreams of becoming a successful realtor. But with true grit, hard work, and commitment, he was able to conquer adversity and worked his way up.

Randy’s success wouldn’t be possible without his consistent knack for excellence. He always strived to provide excellent service and assistance to his local and foreign clientele. For the years he’s been with the company, he continues to deliver this promise as well as improve his own skill set to be the best version of himself everyday.

For his unwavering dedication, he’s been awarded three consecutive times for being the top producer in his group from 2015, 2016, to 2017. He has also received numerous awards such as:

o Property Specialist of the Month
o Property Specialist of the Quarter
o 2016’s Top 4 Awardee
o 2017’s Supremus Silver (Top 2) Awardee

His overall outstanding performance in Megaworld Corporation only goes to show his salesmanship prowess. Regardless of the awards he has received, Lucero remains humble and loves to share his learnings to others. Not only has he generated highly satisfied clients, but also colleagues who are inspired and motivated. Being the approachable type, many of his colleagues turn to him for advice and sales strategies.


“Randy impressed me as a fine young man who was not only dedicated to his company but also to the needs of his clients. He would go out of his way to give us the best offer or even suggest other possibilities for us to consider. He was very pro-active. I and my family are extremely satisfied with his efforts in our behalf.”

Dr. Miranda, Uptown Ritz 2BR unit owner

“We met Randy late 2017 when he first assisted us as we were looking for a good unit to invest in. Randy was very attentive and professional since day 1. He patiently answered our questions and was knowledgeable about the properties he was assigned to. When there were questions or issues brought up, he was never one to invent answers. Instead, he took these up with management and got back to us at the quickest possible time. He dealt with all questions/issues/requests with sincerity, honesty, integrity and promptness.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Dy, Uptown Ritz 3BR penthouse unit owners

“I am a buyer from US and have been looking to purchasing a Mactan condo for retirement. When I finally got serious, I started my search for a Megaworld realtor. I found Randy on a simple internet browse and so glad that I did! Randy is patient, knowledgeable and most important – very responsive. He made the purchasing process painless and watched out for me every step of the way. Thanks again Randy, you are awesome!

Mr. Guimond, One Manchester Place studio unit owner

“We highly recommend Mr. Randy Lucero as real estate agent. He really goes the extra mile to take care of his clients. Randy’s communication and organizational skills throughout the process was outstanding. Wouldn’t have picked a better agent.”

Mr. & Mrs. Ablett, Uptown Parksuites 3BR unit owners

“We are very satisfied with your work. You are very professional and thoughtful that made our decision easy and fast. We admire your efficiency and professional service. Thank you very much.”

Mrs. Lili, Uptown Ritz 2BR & Uptown Parksuites 1BR unit owner